Message from President of Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

As far back as I can recall, which is a very longtime, there has been the annual Festival of Sports whose 61st anniversary we mark for 2018. Through the years all the districts that comprise Hong Kong have hosted and promoted the series of competition to solidify the shared identity without which a society would fragment and lose cohesion. We have to be grateful for their contributions and acknowledge their importance by playing our part in the events to follow.

By a longtime too Samsung has sponsored the Festival, embracing it as a part of its corporate brand and commitment to the community. I am happy to note the fruits thus borne from the relationship as Samsung has become not only a household name but as a household item as we all have the quality products by their marque in our homes, cars and pockets, thus in our lives. Samsung does not only make goods but makes an impact.

Here in our city we lead frantic existences, constantly on the go, rarely taking pauses, and yet we have managed, especially in the past two decades as a Special Administrative Region, to recalibrate our mode and partake in sporting activities to release pressure, improve fitness and build mind, body and society. The Festival is where this spirit of participation and involvement manifests itself so potently at the neighborhood level.

We note that more and more of us are engaged in sporting pursuits at every level and every age group precisely because that is now our norm when before that had been the exception.

I do not exaggerate to call this a revival and give credit to the Festival which honors and sponsors a rich diversity of sports. We see now so many different activities being embraced and practiced, breaking the mold of the past when we had but a preciously few to appeal to the people who gravitated to the conventional. No longer. This is a good thing because it is in having the abundance of choices that we can experiment and find the ones that suit us best because many may not know where exactly their interests and talents lie.

Let me take this chance to express thanks to the Home Affairs Bureau and Leisure and Cultural Services Department for the work that it does and the resources that it commits to arranging these meets since logistics entails much labor, a labor, may I add of love. I am proud, we all are, of the Festival which has become our tradition and a facet of our being.


Timothy T. T. FOK, GBS, JP


Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China