About FOS

On 1 February 1958, the inaugural Festival of Sport (hereafter FOS) was held at Queen Elizabeth II Youth Centre in Mong Kok. The Festival was co-organized by the SF&OC and 11 sports associations. The inaugural FOS was a small-scale event, but it was so popular that the two-day programme was almost full because such activities were scarcely found in Hong Kong. Following the successful inaugural event, the Amateur Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong organised the second FOS in the next year. Henceforth, the FOS became an annual sport event in Hong Kong promoting the message of “Sport for All”.


In recent years, there are around 60 Festival of Sport events annually. For the 63rd FOS this year, in view of the latest development of COVID-19, some FOS events might have to be cancelled, while some of them will be held in June 2020. Our objective to promote “Sport for All” has not altered. In the meantime, people can stay at home and do some simple exercises to keep good health. When the situation has improved, please come to join FOS activities!


Sport for All, Good Health will come along!