Sports Trivia (Golf)

65th Festival of Sport (FOS) – Golf Fun Day will be held on 27 May (Friday) at Tuen Mun Recreation and Sports Centre (Golf Centre).

When it comes to golf, we always hear about “birdie”. Do you know where this term comes from?
Par is the number of strokes needed to complete a hole in a golf course. When the player makes a score that is one under par for the hole, it is called “birdie”. In the late 19th century, “birdie” was an American slang used frequently to describe excellence or wonderfulness. Ab Smith, an American, competed with his friends in 1899. In this foursomes match, Ab landed his ball close to the hole on the second shot and claimed it as “a bird of shot”. He eventually finished one shot less than the par, and at the same time coined the word “birdie”.

65th FOS – Golf Fun Day Souvenir Redemption
It is now opened for registration via the FOS website. Participants who register online can redeem a FOS souvenir on the event day.  Limited quota, on first-come-first-served basis.  Register now if you are interested! 

(Registration form in Chinese only)