Sports Trivia (Judo)

65th Festival of Sport (FOS) – Hong Kong Junior Judo Championships 2022 will be held closed-door on 29 May (Sunday) at Po Kong Village Road Sports Centre. In Judo competitions, two athletes try their best to land their opponents' back fully as soon as possible. Do you know how to win a Judo bout?

The most direct way to claim victory to the bout is to score an "Ippon". When either side scores an "Ippon" within the time limit, the bout ends immediately. The scenario is similar to K.O. in boxing. By using throwing techniques in Judo, athletes can cause their opponents to land fully on his / her back with power and control. This will result in an "Ippon". The four criteria, namely speed, force, on the back, and skilfully control until the end of the landing, are necessary in scoring a "Ippon". It is never easy for an athlete, and it may not happen in every match.